Sempu nowadays…

The government of Malang once wanted to make Sempu an official recreational place. Even Lowokwaru jail wanted to move here. Luckily there were many protests among society and social institutions like ProFauna. Intensively, ProFauna observed the island and actively declining the plans of changing Sempu from conservatory area to whatever the government wanted.

Seeing other recreational places in Indonesia in general, we strongly hope that Sempu Island will not be a recreational place. The condition of Sempu now is not as beautiful as it was due to the many visitors that couldn’t keep the beauty of it.

Let us keep the beauty of Sempu Island by following the procedure. Make the permission letter first and don’t leave anything beside your foot prints and the time spent. Enjoy Sempu!

Other Parts of Sempu Island

Not satisfied enough? Sempu also has, at least, 2 caves; Air Tawar Cave and Macan Cave, but those places are rarely visited so the trek becomes unclear. It’s better to ask villager’s help if you want to go there.

Turn a bit left from Segara Anakan and climb the rocks, then you’ll see the fierce waves of the Indian Ocean. This is the twin beach. Let’s enjoy it for a moment while closing our eyes and opening our arms. Let the wind messed up our hair.

But don’t go asleep. Sempu is still wide enough to be explored, my friend! Keep on going along. After the Twin Beach, go trekking for awhile and we’ll arrive at Pasir Panjang Beach. This beach is wide and sometimes people choose to build tent here beside Segara Anakan. photo:istimewa


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