Hidden Treasure, Sempu Island

(AmbarArum) It was appropriate when Dutch Government made this island a conservation in 1928. Yes, this 877 hectare land in the south of Java has the beauty and the variety of flora and fauna which is too rich for being common recreational place only, moreover with the visitors who is lacking on preserving.

Not only that, this island is suppose to be the place for research and science, like the law said on SK.GB No. 46 Stbl. 1928 No. 69 year 1928. Even before Indonesia reached its independence, this island had already received its acknowledgment for its nature beauty.

Aside all the facts above, this island is not “arrogant”. We, common visitors, are actually welcome there and can enjoy the beauty of Sempu Island, but it’s better for us to manage permission letter first to enter conservation area (SIMAKSI) of Sempu Island. This SIMAKSI can be perceived in three places, which are:

1.  Jl. Bandara Juanda, Surabaya.

2. Bidang KSDA Wilayah III, on Jl. Jawa No. 36, Jember.

3. Seksi Konservasi Wilayah VI, on Jl. Mastrip No. 88, Probolinggo.

There is a Conservation Resort of Sempu Island area in Sendang Biru, the nearest beach to Sempu Island, but the function is for security post only, so we can’t get the permission letter there. However, before we cross to Sempu Island, we need to report ourselves along with the SIMAKSI letter to this post.

And the journey goes…

Sempu Island is located in Malang Regency, precisely on Dusun Sendang Biru, Desa Tambakrejo, Kecamatan Sumbar Manjing Wetan. The easiest way to reach here is through Malang – Turen – Sendang Biru – Sempu track. Public transportation is available from Malang to Sendang Biru.  Arriving at Sendang Biru, there are a lot of fishermen boats that are ready to be rented and carry us to Sempu Island.

We are just going to sit for a while because we will be told to jump down the boat, approximately 50 meters from Semut Bay, west of Sempu Island. Boats cannot moor so we need to get ourselves into the water, as high as our waist (according to our heights of course). Then we’ll arrive on Sempu Island!

Among other places, Sempu Island can be proud of itself for its nature richness. Not every island can get the status of conservatory. Those who get it must have a lot of plusses.

Sempu Island has four ecosystems on it; mangrove forest, beach forest, lakes and lowland tropical forest, plus with around 223 kinds of plants and 51 animals. Some of it are Javanese eagle, hawksbill turtle, black ape, forest pig, leopard, all gathered here.

When we arrive in the edge of Sempu Island’s beach, the forest ecosystems are sweetly lined in front us. If only they could move like human, they would probably dance to welcome us.

Heading to Segara Anakan

Segara Anakan Lake is one of the most must-see places to visit. It is indeed a popular lake. There are two more places which have the same name; Segara Anakan in Cilacap (Nusa Kambangan) and Segara Anak in the area of Mount Rinjani, Lombok.

Some people said that Segara Anakan in Sempu Island is as beautiful as, even more beautiful than Phi Phi Island in Thailand, the place where Leonardo Dicaprio took scene for the movie The Beach. Whatever people said, this place is definitely a true beauty.

However, the road to get there is no beauty! From the edge of the beach until in the middle of the road, floods are everywhere. Prepare to buy a new sandal when you return home. If the weather’s bad, it is very rare to have nice comfortable sandals in the end, even the expensive ones. Using shoes are better but it will turn to brownish also, so be prepared to clean it afterwards.

The trekking is clear anyway, so arrange neatly when you want to visit here. If the weather’s good, the road will be not too hard. The most important thing when you want to go here is bring a lot of water, moreover if you want to camp here, because Segara Anakan Lake is not a freshwater lake.

Normally, in an hour or more we will arrive at Segara Anakan Lake. Once we got here, we would generally have light amnesia; forgetting the long exhausted road we just been. Feeling tired? Already forgotten!

If you couldn’t imagine yet how beautiful Segara Anakan Lake is, let me help you visualized. Imagine that there’s a quiet rush of water, surrounded by high rocks that is full of trees, and in front of you there’s a hole which the water comes through from the sea. The place you stand is a beautiful clean white sand. That is Segara Anakan looks like!

This salt lake was formed from the circling rocks. The water from the sea that rushes to it through the hole (Karang Bolong), stuck in the circle of rocks that made lake with calm water.

Beside Segara Anakan, there is also another lake which is Tlogo Lele Lake. This one is freshwater lake and it is the source of water for the faunas that live here. However it’s quite far from Segara Anakan. Tlogo Lele is located in the east of Sempu Island while Segara Anakan is located in the southwest.



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